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--Fiery Hyuuga--

Dedicated to Hyuuga Hanabi

Fiery Hyuuga -- ~HANABI~
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Anybody , Moderated
Fiery Hyuuga -- ~HANABI~

Welcome to Fiery Hyuuga - ~HANABI~, a community dedicated to the not-so-well-known Hyuuga kunoichi, Hanabi. If you'd like to post any fanart, fanfiction, etc. you have that relate to Hanabi, please do so! It is very difficult to find any fans of her. Please note, though, only post your own work! Unless you can give proper credit and permission if the original creator requires it.


1. Keep swearing to a minimum.

2. All offensive nature must be put under an LJ-cut. Hyuugacest is generally allowed without being considered "offensive", but only in light fluff.

3. Fanfiction and fanart posts should follow the basic format and be put under an LJ-cut (but you can put a small preview image for the fanart):

Summary (for fanfiction):
Disclaimer: (It is required by fiery-hyuuga law! Always credit Kishimoto Masashi in all your fanworks.)

4. Obviously no bashing Hanabi.

5. Actually, don't bash period. It's childish.

6. Advertise only things related to the Hyuuga clan (but advertising for Hanabi in particular would be awesome!). You may advertise a Naruto rpg only if you are in need of Hanabi or another Hyuuga member. But, please, try focusing on Hanabi., here.

7. Plagarism + not crediting other people = slow, painful death. :)


Maintainer: kagura615


If you'd like to become an affiliate, please message kagura615 or a moderator. They should respond within a week, but if no one responds by the second week, you may post in the community with the subject "Applying as Affiliate".