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It's quiet in here... - --Fiery Hyuuga-- [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fiery Hyuuga -- ~HANABI~

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It's quiet in here... [Nov. 11th, 2007|05:15 pm]
Fiery Hyuuga -- ~HANABI~
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It's been a while since anything has been posted here...[totally my fault] Well, I'm finally updating with some outside links! Feel free to comment with more Hanabi-related links you can find.


Hanabi Fanlisting

NF Hyuuga Hanabi Fanclub

NF Hanabi x Neji Fanclub

NF Hanabi x Naruto Fanclub

A Hanabi x Neji Fanart Website (Japanese Only)

Another Hanabi x Neji Fanart Website (Japanese Only)

DeviantART Fanarts (Just a few, search for "Hyuuga Hanabi" on Deviantart to see more beautiful Hanabi fanarts! ♥)

Hyuuga Hanabi by pokefreak

100TC 3 - Light - YoungHyuugas by ByakuganLove

Hanabi by Kaorien

Sorry Hinata, Hanabi's Hotter by triggerbunny

Cold and loneliness -Hanabi- by Shel-chan

Oh Crap, there's two of 'em by NoDiceHoney

Azumihanabi by Angor-chan

konohamaru scares hanabi by Angor-chan

FanFiction.Net Stories (There are more at FF.Net and other places!)

Lingering Glances by kawarimi (Hanabi x Neji; Drama/Romance; In Progress)

Hikaru no Hanabi by Tsuchikororin [formerly jyuuken-user] (Hanabi x Neji [implied]; Tragedy/Drama; Complete)

Damp Jacket by Hotari-chan (Hanabi x Shino; Romance/Family; Complete)

Spies at the Window
by DesertRoseTemari (Hanabi x Konohamaru; General; Complete)

Stages of Love by Gender Outlaw (Hanabi x Naruto; Romance/Drama; In Progress)

If you have some suggestions, please place the links in comments! I might use this post as a reference to some Hanabi-related fanworks. :)